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Dentistry (on “Dental Care” treatments) in Turkey is getting a new definition with MedTrails. We give you back the perfect smile through dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers and orthodontic services.

Your pathway to Absolute beauty

Plastic Surgery (on “Plastic Surgery” treatments) comes alive at MedTrails. Our highly qualified surgeons perform all common procedures, including breast augmentation, liposuction, facelifts, nose jobs and a whole range of other cosmetic surgeries. Together we can shape your path to self-confidence.

Advanced Hair Transplant Techniques

When it comes to hair transplants (to treatments “hair transplants”) in Turkey, at MedTrails we know the best specialists. With advanced and safe techniques such as FUE and FUT, our cooperation partners ensure that you will soon shine with a new head of hair.

At MedTrails, quality meets price

In addition to first-class quality for treatments in Turkey, the price (to “Prices”, a section under “Services”) is the focus of our consulting work at MedTrails. Arrange a consultation with us and we will get you the best price offer for your treatment.

We also promise uncompromising patient satisfaction (to “Testimonials”). From arrival in the country, transfer to your accommodation, support before, during and after treatment, we will take care of you on your journey (to “Travel in Turkey”).

So if you are looking for top quality dental, cosmetic or hair transplant services in Turkey, let us convince you with our expertise with a personal touch and book your free consultation call (to the “free consultation” button) with us right here.

Turkey is one of the world's premier destinations in medical tourism for:

DENTAL Services

Benefit from top-notch care with our dentists, utilizing the latest techniques and equipment.


Our skilled team delivers a broad array of general cosmetic services for optimal care.

HAIR Transplantation

Seeking dependable, cost-effective hair transplantation in Turkey? Choose MedTrails.

Introducing Our Leading Experts

Discover a handpicked team of our most highly-rated doctors, each a leader in their respective field of expertise.

Dr. Ayşe Öztürk


Dr. Fatma Demir

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Emre Kaya


Dr. Mehmet Yılmaz

Plastic Surgery

Why Go For A Medical Travel to Turkey


Medical procedures in Turkey are typically up to 80% more affordable than in many other countries.


Turkey boasts top-tier medical professionals, advanced procedures, and world-class hospitals.


Let us handle your travel essentials. Choose from a selection of 3 to 5-star hotels, and enjoy our complimentary Airport Shuttle service for a hassle-free transfer to your accommodation.

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What our clients say

I reached out to MedTrails for a hefty amount of dental work I wanted to get done in Turkey, and from the get-go, they were totally on the ball. They really organized for me the best dental care possible. They pointed me to dentists who were making me feel comfortable while sorting out my root canals and crowns. The dental clinic was state-of-the-art and totally welcoming. MedTrails made sure the whole trip was smooth, from booking appointments to sorting travel logistics. My smile is now so stunning, I can't help but show it off. MedTrails, you guys are cool and same time sympathetic legends. You really went the extra mile. The whole ordeal was totally stress-free.

Eva R., 37, Denmark Dental Treatment

I hooked up with MedTrails for some cosmetic surgery in Turkey, and am I thrilled with the results! I got a face lift and the change has been jaw-dropping. From the first chat to the post-op catch-ups, everything was handled with serious professionalism. The MedTrails team arranged everything and made sure I was comfy throughout my stay. The surgeons at the clinic were top-drawer and really understood what I wanted. Thanks to them, I've got my mojo back and feel reborn. If you're considering going under the knife, I can't recommend MedTrails as facilitating agency enough.

Anna P., 34, Netherlands Plastic Surgery

I'd been wrestling with hair loss for ages, and it was really doing a number on my confidence. But then I found MedTrails and took the plunge to get a hair transplant in Turkey. From touchdown to take-off, MedTrails were top-notch. They led me to a very good clinic with a very professional team. The surgeons were total pros and I didn't feel a thing during the procedure. After sorting out my hair, I decided to chill on the gorgeous beaches of the Mediterranean coast which was worth while. Thanks to MedTrails, I've now got a full head of hair and my swagger is back. If you're looking for a hair transplant, give MedTrails a call.

Mohammed F., 41, Kuwait Hair Transplantation

I had my teeth whitened in Turkey and it was a whole new level of awesome. I've always been a bit shy with my smile, but the crew at MedTrails made me feel at ease and guided me through the entire process. They lined up all my appointments and the dental team was just top. Now, I can't stop flashing my shiny new smile to everyone I meet! If you're thinking about getting your teeth done overseas, go to MedTrails.

Paul K., 53, UK Dental Treatment

My Plastic surgery treatment with MedTrails in Turkey was off the charts. I chose to get a breast augmentation, and the results are really stunning. Right from the start I felt, MedTrails were my go-to guys, making sure I was informed and confident. The clinic was super modern and friendly, and the surgeons really convinced me after all our discussions about the treatment. If you consider to get something done in the field of plastic surgery, let MedTrails assist you to the right clinic and you will feel safe.

Claudia Sch., 38, Belgium Plastic Surgery

I had done a lot of online research upfront on Hair transplantation and was not sure how I will find the right clinic. But after the first consultation with MedTrails and the conference call with the doctor in Turkey, I was determined to do it with them. Now, at the end of this whole journey, I couldn't be happier. The MedTrails team guided me every step of the way. They got me in touch with this top-notch clinic for hair transplantation. The team was top, and I felt relaxed throughout the procedure. The surgeons used cutting-edge techniques for a natural look, and now I'm overjoyed with my fresh hairline and renewed confidence.

Carsten H., 59, Germany Hair Transplantation

MedTrails was my rock throughout my extensive dental treatment in Turkey. Right from the first call, they were super thorough, answering every single query I had. They led me to a dental team that was top, careful and skilled. My smile came back, and my confidence skyrocketed. After the treatment, MedTrails suggested a little sightseeing in Istanbul, which additionally made my trip unforgettable. Turkey truly stole my heart. MedTrails ensured the whole journey was a breeze, taking care of every tiny detail. In short: Recommendable!

Maria B., 42, Germany Dental Treatment

MedTrails came through for me in a big way when I decided to have my rhinoplasty in Turkey. I chose them after heaps of research. Their personal touch sealed the deal for me. They walked with me every step of the way, from the first consultation to post-op care. The surgeons were absolute pros, carefully explaining what to expect. The surgery was cool and now my nose fits my face perfectly. While I was in Turkey, I also visited some sights like the ancient ruins of Ephesus which was an absolute delight. Walking amidst the grandeur of the Library of Celsus was an extraordinary twist to my journey of self-improvement. MedTrails had all the logistics under control, making the whole experience smooth.

Roger D., 43, New Jersey, USA Plastic Surgery

Hair loss as a woman is even more daunting than for men. But when I found MedTrails, they transformed my fear into a comfortable, empowering experience. They were with me every step of the way, providing personal support and guidance. They connected me to a top-rated hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, where the surgeon was not just skilled, but caring and understanding. The clinic was warm and welcoming and the surgery itself was way easier than I had expected. Thanks MedTrails.

Fatima E., 42, Egypt Hair Transplantation